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Cultura Conscious

Nov 30, 2017

Dr. Jody Dublin joins me this month to discuss how individuals and institutions can better understand and support first generation college students. We discuss the ways in which policy and institutional decisions are driven by the theory of college choice, even though not every student falls neatly within outlined categories when deciding to pursue a college education. Dr. Dublin shares how her personal experience and research on Haitian immigrant community college students has informed her career in higher education. She also gives us clear and actionable recommendations on how to support young people transitioning into higher education. 

Dr. Jody Dublin is a higher education professional passionate about access and success for underrepresented and minoritized students in higher education. She earned her undergraduate degree in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and American & Florida Studies, master's degree in Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness, and Doctor of Education in Higher & Postsecondary Education Administration.Her dissertation, titled Taking the next step: College choice experiences of Haitian community college students, examined the college choice experiences of Haitian immigrant students in community college.  For over ten years, Jody has worked supporting students in various capacities in higher education and has enjoyed each one. 

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Articles Paula mentioned on loss of family connections:

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Correction: Jody mentions that most college students are not in the 18-24 age bracket. She double checked and the stat is that most students are not in the 18-21 age bracket.