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Cultura Conscious

Jun 21, 2018

PJ Gubatina Policarpio gets real with me on the nitty gritty of what it takes financially and emotionally to pursue a career in museums if you come from a low-income background. He discusses why building community is integral to his work, how diversifying his skill set was a financial strategy, and why he considers himself primarily a museum educator. Plus he shares his ideas on how we can mentor another generation of brown and black museum workers. 

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PJ Gubatina Policarpio is an educator, curator, programmer, writer, and community organizer. His multidisciplinary practice utilizes research, collaboration, programming, pedagogy and public engagement as both art and tool. PJ creates intersections for meaningful connections between communities and art, especially addressing a diverse, multilingual, and multicultural audience. He brings dynamic and wide-ranging experience in museum education, youth development, and arts administration, previously working at The Museum of Modern Art, Queens Museum, and Brooklyn Museum. He has presented in conferences including NYCMER, AAM, NAEA, CCA and Open Engagement and is part of Museum as Site for Social Action (MASS Action). Born in the Philippines, PJ is currently the Youth Programs Manager at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. 

Select Publications:

Introduction to Filipino-American Writers. Mabuhay Magazine, June Issue. 2018

Culture Lab Manifesto Playbook. Published by Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. 2018

Textiles of the Philippines: A Resource Coloring Book. 2016

Engaging Multilingual Students: An Educator's Guide. 2015