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Cultura Conscious

Jul 17, 2017

On this episode of Cultura Conscious, Alyssa Machida discusses her motivation and inspiration for The Dreamspace Project, workbook and toolkit for educators who are ready to move beyond demanding social justice and are ready to take critical action. We talk about the ways institutions communicate to the public beyond the art on the walls, the need to acknowledge how we are building on work done by black women and people of color, and what the role of patience is when working within institutions to bring about change.

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Conversation Notes

Alyssa mentions an important idea that comes from legal academia and Critical Race Theory (or CRT). Interest convergence is one of the main concepts of CRT, and argues that White people will only accommodate and advance the interests of people of color when those interests converge with, and can serve to promote, the self-interests of White people themselves.

The Dreamspace Project Workbook: Highly recommend listeners look through the workbook before listening the episode. Some of the specifics in the conversation are found here.

The Danger of the "D" Word: Museums and Diversity by Porchia Moore