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Cultura Conscious

Apr 25, 2018

On this month’s episode, Stephanie Cunningham shares her efforts to create alignment in her work after ten years of experience in the field. As a speaker, consultant, and educator, Stephanie has been a leading voice on race and equity in museums. After so many conversations, workshops and conferences discussing race and equity in museums, how far are we in achieving our goals? (Spoiler: we need to be reading a lot more!)

How have the principles of museum education guided her journey through different roles in cultural institutions and museums? Plus, I ask her to demystify the process of consulting for the rest of us.

Stephanie is an arts professional with over ten years in the field. She has written about her work for Curator: The Museum Journal and the Center for the Future of Museums as well as headlined talks about her endeavors at the American Alliance of Museums and Museum Next conferences. Her aptitude aligns with Museum Hue, an organization she cofounded that fosters the social cohesion well-being, and economic impact through the arts for people of color.


Social Justice & Museums Resource List initiated by La Tanya S. Autry

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